Auto Tire Center in Frankfort, KY

Neil Huffman Honda of Frankfort wants you to be safe on the roads! Did you know that tires are the most ignored and underrated part of a vehicle? They are, however, the only thing that stands between your car and the road. Neil Huffman Honda of Frankfort has the best tires for your vehicle! 

Buying tires is a big decision, but it does not have to be a confusing one. Here are some factors to consider: 

Tire Type:
  • Comfort and handling: touring tires are dependable for wet and dry roads; they provide a smooth and quiet ride
  • Sports car: high performance tires are designed for high speeds in dry and wet weather; they have a softer rubber compound for grip
  • Pick Up Truck/SUV: light truck tires provide durability and traction for off-road conditions; SUV tires are ideal for on-road driving
  • Commercial Vehicle: commercial light truck tires handle driving through dirt and mud. They are dependable for wear and tear from commercial use
  • All season tires: most vehicles are all-season tires that are dependable in wet and dry road conditions
  • Off-road tires: great for drivers who do limited on-road driving; they have stiffer sidewalls for resistance against punctures 
  • Winter tires: designed to perform in icy and snowy conditions due to soft rubber traction; recommended in the winter months for drivers who live in areas where the temperature drops below freezing for long periods of time 

Tire Size:

  • Tire Width: three-digit number - refers to the overall width of the tire in mm
  • Aspect ratio: relationship between tire height and width
  • Radial: "R" indicates a radial construction of the carcass plies; the carcass plies run across the tire from lip to lip, helping to provide strength, stability, flexibility and ride comfort
  • Wheel Diameter: the number indicates that the tire fits on a wheel with a 16-inch diameter
  • Load Index: ranges from 0-279 and indicates how much weight the tire is certified to carry; never buy a tire with a lower load index than your vehicle's original ire.
  • Speed Rating: tells you the top speed at which your tires can operate; speed ratings range from Q (lowest) to Z (highest) with one exception: the H rating falls between U and V
  • Mud and Snow: the letters M and S indicate that this tire meets the Rubber Manufacturer Association's standards for a mud and snow tire; the letters can be found in the following combinations: M+S, M/S and M&S


Extending the life of your tire and fuel economy
  • Tire Pressure: You can extend the life of your tires by ensuring that the tire pressure is not under-inflated. Tires that are not properly inflated increase rolling resistance and fuel consumption. To maintain proper pressure, check regularly and examine the tire for foreign objects and wear.
  • Wheel Alignment: Misaligned wheels can cause wear, which sufficiently shortens the life of the tire and increases rolling resistance. This causes extra engine power and increases fuel consumption. The main symptom is that the steering wheel pulls to the side when driving straight.
  • Wheel Balance: If the wheels are not balanced, the tires, steering and suspension wear. Wheel balance should be checked when replacing your tires.